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Monday, 5 December 2011

A special gift for Mandy

I am blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law and I wanted to make a special gift for her. 

Following her wedding, Mandy dried the roses from her bouquet and displayed them in a vase. Unfortunately they did not survive her active dog playing fetch in the living room. 

While sorting out my photo albums I came across a photo of her bouquet and decided to try making a heirloom homage to her bouquet as a gift.

Her bridal bouquet was made from Velvet Roses with Baby's Breath and Bear Grass interspersed with crystals and ribbon. 


My version used burgundy velvet for the roses, wired pearls for the Baby's Breath, peacock feathers instead of Bear Grass and wired chandelier crystals with ribbon.

I am very pleased with this bouquet and think the idea of recreating heirloom versions of bridal bouquets would make a lovely and unusual anniversary present. 


Friday, 2 December 2011

Deep purple satin flowers


I have been experimenting with different mediums and techniques for two special brides getting married next year.

I love the shape and texture of these fabric flowers.

 While they would work well in any colour, this deep purple is particularly striking. It will be fun to see how they work in a facinator, on shoe clips and as part of a bouquet...
...watch this space!

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